Sen. Jon Tester

Jon Tester_web.jpg

Senator Jon Tester is a third-generation family farmer fighting to create jobs and new opportunities in Montana. Jon and his wife Sharla still farm the same land outside Big Sandy, Montana, where Jon grew up and where his grandfather homesteaded nearly 100 years ago. They grow wheat, lentils, peas, and barley.

In his first term in the Senate, Jon has earned a reputation as a straight-talking, hardworking, common sense United States Senator who gets things done. As an advocate for rural America, Jon brings Montana values to the U.S. Senate. Jon’s record on transparency has earned him the title, “Montana’s advocate for accountability.”

During the debate on the Food Safety bill, Jon led the charge to make sure that the small family farms and ranches were protected from the rules intended for industrial-scale agriculture. He successfully championed an amendment to strengthen food safety while protecting family farms and ranches who don’t need and can’t afford additional regulation.