About Washington Post Live

Washington Post Live hosts conferences and events featuring the Post's journalists and top-level government and business leaders discussing the most pressing issues involving Washington and the world. The events are on-the-record, open to other media and have multiple sponsors.  Topics range from the latest ideas in education and energy to the challenge of China.  The Washington Post directs all editorial content.  These forums allow participants to enjoy a high-profile platform for advancing solutions to critical problems. The events can be streamed live and video clips are archived on washingtonpost.com, one of America‚Äôs most-viewed news sites, which will give participants a global forum that reaches an audience of millions. 

Read our Guidelines for Newsroom Involvement in Live Events Policy

***Meals, refreshments, and other benefits provided to attendees will be offered in strict compliance with applicable government gift and ethics rules.

For more information, please contact Nicole Herr at 202.334.4294 or mailto:herrn@washpost.com